FADM map suggests Dakar will cross SA

Last week we brought you news of the prospect of the 2020 Dakar Rally coming to Southern Africa. The story concerned the Angolan Motorsport Federation, the FADM being in contact with Dakar officials regarding the hosting of the race there, in Namibia and in South Africa. 

We hazarded a guess that such a race would perhaps start in Le Cap (that’s french for Cape Town), head for Lesotho and then turn west to Botswana and then Angola before heading back south through Namibia and ultimately back to the finish in Cape Town.

The FADM Sunday published a map (click tall thumbnail above for the full map) titled ‘Bom trajecto um Rally Dakar’ in its Facebook page, which translates to ‘A good route for the Dakar Rally.’ The route suggested is precisely what we imagined and considering its source, this cheeky post appears to be the first official hint that Dakar is quite plausibly coming to Southern Africa as soon as next year...