We strip the Volksie’s next big thing bare

The launch of the new eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf may have been delayed until early 2020, but recent quite revealing spy shots have given a very good idea how Number 8 will look. Now Auto Bakkie Race experts have spent a little time paring away what's left of the disguise to reveal even more of how it will look. Take a look at our headlight and bumper detail - let’s see how close we are!

About Golf 8, the grapevine suggests a launch delay to early next year instead of late this year, but we can tell you that the MQB platform is set for a 50kg weight reduction, sporting a range of 12V and I 48V mild-hybrid engines for the entry-level and mid-range variants including the 1.5-litre TSI ACT petrol joined by a litre three-pot petrol motor and an all-new 1.5-litre diesel, also likely to be sold as a 12V mild hybrid with a starter-generator to reduce spikes of NOx emissions.

The litre petrol engines may not be turbocharged at all, but instead rely on a belt-driven starter/generator, while a new EA288 2.0 TDI Evo lump has been significantly re-engineered to reduce exhaust pollution via a quicker-spooling turbocharger on a lighter engine with reduced internal friction.

Next Golf’s 1.5-litre TGI Evo natural gas engine based on the 1.5-litre TSI uses the same Miller cycle valve timing and a variable geometry turbocharger for only 93g/km of CO2. Expect the regular GTI and R flagships to also be more efficient, more powerful and quicker too. 

Golf 8 will also be ‘always connected’ using the same eSIM out of the Touareg, the Golf Mk8 will be permanently connected to the internet to allow it to tap into 3D satellite mapping, hybrid radio and live information, while autonomous driving will also be a key feature.