Sector-changing Merc comes at a premium

Mercedes-Benz makes no bones that its X-Class is at a new level and in most respects delivers on that promise . It looks like a Merc, and has impressive loadability too and more than anything else, that X-Class cabin sets it out as a Mercedes-Benz more than a bakkie – you would never believe that it shares its core with the Nissan – not that the Nissan is at all that bad.

Beautifully crafted from the best materials, never mind that the level of kit is unheard of in bakkies. But there are drawbacks – the steering lacks the telescopic adjustment and a lack of goodie space – bakkie owners are practical people who have many gadgets.

The beautifully-crafted chrome binnacle around the gearstick seems awkward and unfriendly to mobile phones and wallets once the house and factory keys fill the tiny receptacle. One would expect the division that paid such intricate attention to workmen’s needs so well in the all-new Sprinter would have carried a bit of that logic there too.

But above all of that, this bakkie’s cabin seems to have been nicked out of an S-Class elevating the pick-up truck to a level never seen before. 
Yes, there are some trivial concerns but in the X-Class you are clearly in a Merc.

The X-Class enjoys another advantage on the road, it possesses a sophisticated feel, rides extremely well on smooth surfaces and is quiet and plush to drive – and surprisingly composed on the dirt. 

Merc carries a bit of a premium anyway and you’d expect to pay, but with Mercedes-Benz demanding over R796K for this X250d Power, quite frankly, seems a bit much, when there are some pretty compelling vehicles to rival it for almost half the price off…

So yes, the X-Class certainly rewrites the bakkie record books, although that record price tag may scare off even the most hardened fans of that three—pointed star.

Special thanks to Mercedes-Benz Paarl - 021 860 4000

BEST BAKKIE 2019 FINALIST - Mercedes-Benz X250 4Matic Power DC
Engine: 140kW 450Nm 2298cc I4 turbo diesel
Drive:            6-speed manual 4x4
Payload: 1016kg
Braked Towing: 3500kg
0-100km/h: 10.54 sec                      
400m:              17.2 sec @ 129km/h  
80-120km/h:    7.97 sec                                
Fuel:              7.7 l/100km                           
CO2:                  203 g/km
Warranty/Service: 2y unl./6y 100Kkm