Porsche 935

Porsche celebrates 70 with a legend reborn

Modern hypercars harking back to their brands’ histories seem all the rage this week. No sooner had we got over Ferrari’s stunning Monza duo celebrating those glorious barchettas of yore than Porsche throws up a tribute to among its most revered poster cars with this stunning 70th tribute to the legendary Group 5 racing 935/78 ‘Moby Dick’. The a new 77-off 515kW 935 track car salutes that great original as a ‘birthday present from Porsche Motorsport to fans all over the world’ in an extensively reworked new a rebodied, long ‘whale tailed’ and large winged 911 GT2 RS. The 3.8-litre biturbo boxer-six turns a seven-speed gearbox through a limited-slip differential and features GT2 RS’ driver assistance systems including traction control and ABS, which can be turned off if required. Expect to pay upward of R15-million for the privilege of owning one in SA…