Tweaked ZX-6R gets big brother looks

Tweaked ZX-6R gets big brother looks

Kawasaki whipped the wraps off its new 150kW 2019 Ninja ZX-6R in Vegas. 

An evolution of the older machine in a class that has waned in popularity of late, the biggest progress comes in the form of ZX-10-inspired sharper-edged styling with a large mouth-like opening to gulp cooling air at speed, while a lower profile apparently gives the rider a better view of the road ahead and new LED headlights are brighter than before while rear LEDs are new too.

 The 636cc four-banger is now Euro 4 emissions friendly with a modest torque hike to ease town riding. The six-speed cassette and slipper clutch continue with a new electronic quick-shifter for up-changes and gearing tweaked to up acceleration whule Kawasaki Traction Control and power modes continue, now with the option of ABS too for those dual 310mm petal discs with radial-mount four-pot Nissin callipers and a 210mm disc at the back. 

There’s a 41mm Big Piston Separate Function cartridge fork up front with 37mm pistons, adjustable for preload, rebound, and compression, while an adjustable preload and ride height Showa shock also adjusts for both high and low-speed compression damping.