Munich’s überbike refettled

Ten years down the line, BMW has replaced its epic S1000RR superbike. Packing a brand new ShiftCam variable valve timed 155kW lump (4kW up) thanks also to new rocker arms and hollow-bore titanium intake valves for a 400rpm hike in top engine speed to 14600rpm, while the engine is also 4kg lighter than its predecessor. 

Add BMW’s Shift Assistant Pro clutchless shifter, four ride Rain, Road, Dynamic and Race modes with three extra Race Pro modes available as an add-on; six-axis IMU dynamic traction control, launch control and even a pit lane speed limiter. 

That all sits in a new, lighter aluminum frame with adjustable 45mm closed-cartridge inverted fork and fully-adjustable rear shock and a lighter underslung swingarm; alloy wheels with optional forged and carbonfibre rims and four-piston front brake callipers with cornering ABS. S1000RR is further set apart by more aerodynamic new bodywork and a symmetrical front face.