It's just a dream Should we believe them?

Royal Enfield has been around for years and one thing about them, is their motorcycles have never changed. The British brand was bought lock, stock and barrel by an  Indian concern that continues to build the machines just as they were back in the 1950s. 

Retro classic for sure. But is that all about to change? Royal Enfield showed a pretty dramatic concept machine at the Milan show and while the company has clearly stated that the Concept Kx is just a project to allow it’s designers to show off their skills, we have seen this movie before and often a concept makes production in spite of promises to the contrary. 

The Kx certainly attracted attention in Italy with its blend of retro and modern styling and a stylish girder fork and headlight assembly that step cleanly away from RE’s focus on more historic designs. However, even with this neo-retro design, RE says it drew its inspiration from the Royal Enfield KX 1140cc V-Twin of the late 1930s. 

Concept Kx is also a V-Twin - the badge on the engine suggests of 838cc and that lump looks like a lot of work to just build as a once-off concept, so what is Royal Enfield really up to…?