New multi-purpose machines here

BMW Motorrad promises that its newly launched F 750 GS and F 850 GS will continue to be the perfect discovery motorcycle companions its middle-class GS models have become famous for in even the remotest corners of the world.  Ten years later, Motorrad has fully redesigned and reengineered its popular go-anywhere duo to deliver a pair of even simpler and carefree ultimate riding machines just as capable on road or tackling the ultimate off-road adventure.

F 750 GS is designed for riders who prefer an affordable and powerful all-rounder with an easy, low seat height, while the even more powerful and torquier new F 850 GS brings a distinct touring and off-road focus. Both are powered by an all-new 853cc in-line twin with optimised 270/450 degree firing interval and two counterbalance shafts for optimised smoothness and an emotional soundtrack.

Producing 57kW in F 750 GS and 70kW F in 850 GS trim, both machines get an anti-hop clutch, Road and Rain riding modes with ABS and ASC, with Dynamic, Enduro and Enduro Pro riding modes as well as DTC dynamic traction control and banking capable ABS Pro available as options. 

Built around a new steel bridge monocoque frame with a new fuel tank position and optimised suspension geometry for those upside-down telescopic forks and double-sided aluminium swingarm suspension, both are dressed up in a more masculine design that comes with a unique range of options for the middle class, from different seat heights and windshields and a LED daytime riding headlight to a connectivity kit with TFT display.
The F 750 GS starts at R184K and the F 850 GS is priced from R196K at your BMW Motorrad dealer now