Introducing the latest fastest Ferrari yet

What happens when you take a Ferrari 488 Pista and add hybrid drive? One thousand horsepower and the fastest, most powerful and most advanced Ferrari yet, that's what! Meet the 735kW SF90 Stradale — Ferrari’s first series-production plug-in hybrid and the second of five new models set to be rolled out in an unprecedented product year for Maranello.

Described as the first step in a new direction for Maranello, Stradale shares the F90 moniker with its 2019 Formula 1 sibling in recognition of 90 of Scuderia Ferrari. Powered by a petrol-electric powertrain churning out 27kW more than the LaFerrari thanks to a completely redesigned bored-out 3990cc version of Pista’s award-winning F154 biturbo V8, tweaks include new combustion, intake and exhaust systems, a narrow cylinder head and a 350-bar direct injection system.

Add a smaller flywheel, lower mounted turbochargers on a super-alloy Inconel exhaust system for a lower centre of gravity, lighter weight and a fuller, richer symphony. All that musters 575kW and 800Nm, but wait, that’s not all! F90 Stradale adds trio of electric motors — two up front and another between the engine and gearbox at the rear to not only deliver all-wheel drive, but also generate an additional 161kW.

Drive is laid down via a newly developed lighter and more compact eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox for a further 8% reduction in fuel consumption and 30% faster gearshifts, while braking advances see SF90 Stradale brakes 2m shorter from 160km/h than LaFerrari. Powered by a relatively small 7.9kWh lithium ion battery pack, SF90 Stradale’s electric drive is good to drive 25km at up to 140km/h and charged either by the mains or using the engine as a generator. 

Talking performance, SF90 Stradale is the quickest street Ferrari yet at 2.5 seconds from rest to 100km/h, 200km/h in 6.7 seconds and on to an 345km/h top speed, while also pulling a 64-metre advantage over LaFerrari on a flying lap around Ferrari’s Fiorano test track. 

SF90 Stradale gets a new four-mode eManettino drive controller with a default Hybrid setting, while eDrive is for petrol-free motoring; Performance keeps the engine running and battery fully charged and Qualify delivers maximum electric motor power for maximum attack driving performance. 

Riding on a revolutionary multi-material aluminium and carbonfibre chassis for a lightweight 1,570kg kerb mass at 15kg less than LaFerrari, high-strength alloys make for 40% higher torsional rigidity, while traction control distributes engine and motor power to the wheels that most require it; brake-by-wire splits retarding torque between the regular hydraulic system and electric motors and front axle torque vectoring manages traction left to right.

Styling is said to balance style, heritage and classic Ferrari proportions with advanced aerodynamics and there’s an all-new 16in curved digital instrument cluster and infotainment cluster, head-up display and a new steering wheel inside, from which 80% of the car’s functions can be controlled in an eyes on the road, hands on the wheel philosophy. Classic touches remain through the likes of the gear selection via a metal H-gate and lever.

SF90 Stradale comes in standard and the track-centric Assetto Fiorano with increased downforce, a more stripped-out cockpit and bespoke carbonfibre detailing for a further 30kg weight reduction and Michelin Cup 2 tyres. Expect to wait in line if you have not ordered yours too — and to settle close to ten bar for the privilege…