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Gumtree crowns the Pre Owned Car kings

Gumtree has confirmed its Pre Owned Car Awards for 2019. Four Volkswagens, two Mercedes-Benz, Two Toyotas, a Kia, a Renault, a Mazda and a Volvo lifted this year's Awards, which showcased the best used cars across twelve categories, each chosen by a Jury of used car experts and motoring press to salute the two year old cars that have performed best of all on the Pre Owned market in South Africa in the past year.

The Jury was presented with the five two-year old vehicles that best retained their new value in each of 12 categories, before the panel went through an exhaustive scoring procedure to determine the best Pre Owned Cars in each class. The Jury considered several crucial used car buying - and selling considerations from value retention to how much warranty and service plan was remaining, through to performance, economy, practicality and other factors in the tough prevailing market.

Considering that two to three pre-owned cars sell for every new one to change hands in a demanding car market in South Africa, and that used cars offer great value to cash-strapped buyers in these tough times, that’s quite pertinent. Also, while many Car of the Years choose their best new cars, only the Gumtree Awards consider used cars on the market, and that is something that makes these results the best possible used car barometer out there right now…

Auto Bakkie Race also closely examined and reported on all 60 finalists across all classes over the past weeks and you can access each class report by clicking on the winner’s list below, not only to consider all the finalists, but to see how close, or is that how far our 9 out of 12 predictions were from the actual result too! – Michele Lupini

Gumtree Pre Owned Car Awards Winners 2019
Budget City Car: Kia Picanto
Light Hatchback: 
Renault Sandero *
Medium Hatchback:
 Volkswagen Golf *
Medium Saloon: 
Toyota Corolla *
Medium Luxury Saloon: 
Mercedes-Benz C200 *
Performance Car:
Volkswagen Golf R *
Double Cab Bakkie: Toyota Hilux
Crossover Vehicle: Mazda CX-3 *
Entry SUV: Volkswagen Tiguan *
Medium SUV: Volkswagen Tiguan *
Large SUV: Mercedes-Benz GLC  *
Luxury SUV Volvo XC90

* Auto Bakkie Race Prediction