SABAT World RX of South Africa

The lowdown on Killarney's world title showdown

This weekend’s FIA World Rallycross title fight will be among the finest racing spectacles ever witnessed in South Africa, as Swedish brothers Timmy and Kevin Hansen and Norwegian Andreas Bakkerud fight it out to decide who is best in the world, right here in Cape Town. But what must they do to take that title? Take a walk with us — this is how it works…

SABAT Rallycross of South Africa’s gladiators fight it out aboard wild 400kW 900Nm turbocharged two-litre all-wheel drive 1300kg World RX Supercars that accelerate quicker than F1 and are designed for epic high flying car-to-car combat. Four wild five-car four-lap qualifying heats determine twelve semi-finalists to race a pair of six-lap Semi Finals and the mad six-car-six-lap top-six Final. Each race sees drivers to take one longer ‘Joker Lap’ to add even more intrigue and excitement as they merge back with their rivals at full speed!

The main interest hinges around that world title fight with eight points separating the top three and 30 points on the table. There’s a 16-point haul for the top qualifier, down to one point for 16th place before Semi-Finals see points awarded on a 6-5-4-3-2-1 basis, while the Final is scored 8-5-4-3-2-1, so this weekend is also going to be one for the mathematicians too! 

The best way to witness SABAT Rallycross of South Africa is by the trackside where weekend forecasts predict perfect sunny conditions at Killarney. Tickets are available at, more at at, #capetownrx and @CapetownRX.