2021 Toyota Hilux

But will those UK tweaks come to SA…?

Considering that most Toyota Hiluxes sold in Europe are built in Durban, the odds on the latest styling and other updates revealed in that market this evening coming to SA too, seem pretty good.

The latest refresh on SA’s market-leader will go on sale in the UK in November with a new look front-end featuring a three-dimensional grille and bumper treatment said to even further enhance its road presence, while higher grade models will also receive even cooler LED light clusters front and rear and a new bronze metallic colour is being offered in Europe too. 
Cabin updates include faster and more responsive infotainment software with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as a new 800W nine-speaker JBL sound system in those markets. Europe will now also get the 2.8 diesel we have had since the original of this Hilux generation four facelifts back, while this one gets suspension and steering tweaks for improved on-road comfort and retuned dampers and redesigned leaf springs for a smoother ride too. 

A lower engine idle speed, improved throttle pedal sensitivity, revised stability control and a new tyre angle monitor also boost Hilux off-road prowess and for the range-topping UK Invincible X model with a unique styling upgrades inside and out, you can probably read Dakar in the local market.

And did someone say supercharging for the SA Hilux? Now that would be telling! 

Expect the local update to land around the same time as it does up north - that fits with Hilux’s traditional SA refresh time too...